lesco bill online

Online Bill Check Facility

Lesco designed this billing utility for its consumers so that they can Online Bill Check. LESCO is providing top quality Online Bill Check facility without taking any charges from its consumers. Consumer can check bill online by using their reference no. which is printed on their bill. Keep in mind that every consumer has a unique bill reference no. which is static no. and they can use it to download lesco duplicate bill and reference no. or customer id never changed. We suggest our consumers to save their reference no. or customer id in safe place so that they can easily pay it. Like they can save their lesco reference no. in their mobile contact list, so that when they need they can extract it.

Why An Online Billing System is Very Useful:

If customer hasn’t received his/her LESCO Bill due to problem in address or may be a courier person mistake and in some cases customer might be misplaced his/her bill and he doesn’t have any document to pay it then they can bill check online. Its very easy through this lesco website that customers can easily generate a duplicate Lesco bill without paying an extra amount.

Procedure to Generate Bill From Lesco Site:

Just browse and then Navigate Check Bill Page or you can also write a search query in google like open and write in the search area as “Lesco Bill” and then choose on the first page of results and then on Lesco page just enter your Lesco Bill Reference No. And press enter to proceed. The system will generate your latest month bill and then you can print a copy of it and your duplicate printed bill will be accepted at any LESCO Bill Receiving Agent Counter. Like Commercial banks, Small Shops of omni, easy pace, Nadra eSahulat etc.

Submit Your Suggestions about Web Portal:

All Customers are more than welcome to drop their suggestions in site as a client feedback which will help Lesco to improve our services, our technical teams are busy in working maximum solutions for our customers and customer’s continuous feedback will help us in implementing the strategies.

Online Duplicate Bill Lesco

Customers of Lahore Electricity Supply Company find their online duplicate lesco bill and they can easily generate their web bill through above utility, they can print or download their bill.

Almost all wapda companies has their own billing utilties which they have on their website’s and their customers can generate their online duplicate bills through these utilities. Software solution behind this are working on development and they try to fix issues, so that they can provide hassle free services to their customers in their mobile phones or laptops etc. They are working hard to increase the productivity of their services and these applications developed in last decade and people are frequently using these to obtain details of their bills because terrifs are changing mostly due to high prices of everything in world, specially after covid 19.